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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Welcome to Random Tuesday, a fun blog hop brought to you by "The Un Mom", head over and check out the coolest graphics in the bloggisphere! Every time I have to hire a new person, I say to myself, I wish Keely were available in Florida, bet she'd have great toy ideas and make me laugh all day.

Note to self
- just because you got home at 8:45pm, is no reason to make baby do sit ups while you kiss his nose, it cause him to spit up. Bad for everyone involved.

- remember chocolate tomorrow, PLEASE! Today would have been better with it.

Note to daughter
- told you so, told you so, told you so (she didn't believe that pizza was good until today)

Note to Hong Kong office
- When I told you to put Miss Piggy in a red dress and white boa, I didn't mean to keep the purple gloves! And I'm pretty sure her inner ears are not supposed to be blood red like her dress. @Headhitdesk.

Note to new employee (also known as 2010 intern)
- I really hope you are enjoying this really long extended vacation from graduation in mid-December to January 10th. I really needed you here today and it's causing me to work unGodly hours (like 8:45pm) to get ready for toy fair next week. Just because you only get one week's vacation in your first year of work is no reason to take an extra long break prior to working - oh wait - I'd do the same. Still the torture I'm feeling this week sucks. Pls come back sooner if at all possible. Well, a girl can dream right?


Amanda said...

Miss Piggy looks rather creepy with the red ears. The purple gloves on the other hand, made me giggle. Love the red dress and boa though!

Greasycog said...

Sit up, spit up. Both use the same muscles.
The purple gloves are classic.

Anonymous said...

Miss Piggy is scaring me.

VandyJ said...

Hey her gloves match her eyeshadow. Who says she's not coordinated?

Anonymous said...

This is SO weird. I was just thinking about the muppets.

With Bowl + Spoon said...

I like Ms. Piggy's red ears...I think red eyeshadow would have been creepy...if you change the glove color and eyeshadow, what would you change it to?

crazywildberry said...

Pizza and chocolate are two of my staples. Little Charlotte will learn. She was quick with the pizza, she just had to try it! And I think she already likes chocolate, right? LOL!

Your Miss Piggy looks like Jessica Rabbit from the Roger Rabbit movie. Jessica is seen on the internet with purple gloves or blue gloves with her red dress. Just saying. (I agree with greasycog! Hey there, Mike!) Pink for the ears, though. The red is a little much! And maybe a softer yellow for her hair. I like the purple eye shadow, but blue would be another good choice. She is cute!

Easy on the sit-ups, Mom! No need to rush the six-pack, yet! LOL!

Caterina said...

I love Miss Piggy!!! I'm guessing I would be terrible at your job :D hahahaha.

Toy fair? Ooo, that sounds awesomely FUN! What? No? Oh...it's work, I see. Yet again, why I would be terrible at your job :)