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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year MMXI

Oh hey is it the beginning of another new year already? A new decade you say? My blog post counter starts over today? Wow, what can I do with my talents and time this year?

I think I'll keep it simple this year, the shorter the list the easier to remember and maintain.

1. REST - I have such an urge to constantly get things done. Right now my daughter is sleeping in her bed, still taking naps at 2.5 years old, and my baby boy 5mo is sleeping on my chest. I had an urge to put him down 20 minutes ago but instead stayed put, his little butt parked firmly against the desk as I type this post. I've realized he gets far less cuddle time then the first child and he's growing so fast. I need his cuddle moments as much as he needs them. With two days off per week, my kids are already limited in mommy time. So rest and play with my children is at the top of my list.

2. FOOD - eating everything we buy. I hate to say but I have a bad habit of overbuying food and wasting it. My goal is to use everything, including the extremely dense rolls baked yesterday that never rose and baked a bit solid. My husband calls them hardtack rolls - says it's something made for sailors and civil war soldiers to eat. That guy of mine, always making the best out of everything. He's a keeper that's for sure.

3. FRIENDS - I want to value and embrace all the friends who have blessed our lives over the years. Losing a dear friend recently has taught me to be more careful with my time and to make time for friends.


Kim said...

That food one is a good one!!! I hate when I end up throwing away food! I am horrible at buying produce that never gets cooked! We should definitely be eating those!!

crazywildberry said...

I really need to work on the rest one. I don't sleep near enough and I am dragging all the time. Getting more sleep seems to make me more tired! I just need to sleep when I can and get caught up!

I went about eight years without a solid girl friend to hang with. It was such a lonely time. I had you and others who were all long-distance friends, but is wasn't the same as having someone to do things with regularly. Now, I have four solid, local friends that I have come to rely on and trust. And I am feeling so blessed! I have been trying to make all my friends more of a priority as I am appreciative that I have each one of you. You are all unique wonderful woman who have taught me a thing or two about life and I am crazy about you all! oxox

Rumour Miller said...

All very good resolutions! I am very guilty of #2 as well.

Caterina said...

Totally <3 number 3.