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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday - back to the beach

Ever have a day where you are unsure if you should do something productive or fun? In my case it's packing for our trip to Maryland. The work week is so hectic I have to pack on the weekend.

So I started packing this morning; then we walked the dog and it's so nice outside. Daughter is full of happy energy and tugging on my clothes. I think the almost 2 years of going somewhere every weekend have become ingrained in her expectations. So we slowly switch gears and pack for the beach.

I'm down to one light bag that consolidates her toiletries, my purse necessities, snacks, water and a camera. Most days we only stay an hour so we go without a beach umbrella and it's still comfortable enough outside to be okay in the sun. I had to downsize, she's heavy, gear is heavy and I'm now in the 6th month of pregnancy.

The weather is really windy, cloudy and around 78 so the beach was empty - I was able to navigate our car to a premium parking spot directly on the beach at 11am! We were running a tad late due to a pit stop at Cracker Barrel wherein we drank lots of orange juice!

I managed to get Charlotte to walk with me onto the beach - a first! Normally I carry her but we are trying to find alternatives to save on aches and pains.

It's a red flag day with rip currents which means surfers were out riding the waves.

We settled for fun in the sand.

We are home now and in order for the next phase of our day to begin, a nap must happen. Unfortunately a mini nap occurred on the ride home which was followed by a warm bath, followed by warm milk neither of which could cajole her back into nap status. She walked around the house with hand to face and laid on the floor. I spent some time in her room showing her what a nap means and she climbed all over me until I couldn't take the poking and prodding anymore. 45 minutes later, still tired, no progress. She finally does something bad enough that I can put her in time out which could lead to a nap. Crying ends quickly, silence, 10 minutes later knocking on the door but I keep writing. Finally silence. Silent victory.


crazywildberry said...

Hold tight to those naps as long as you can! :) It was probably worth every bit on energy to get her to take one. Momma's need their breaks too! :) Sounds like a beautiful day in the sun! Hope to see you soon!

Suburban Turmoil said...

I LOVE that picture of her lying in the sand- and I'm so, so envious of your frequent beach trips. We're lucky to see the ocean every two or three years or so right now...