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Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I should do something about but am too tired to react:

1. Cat on the table
2. Daughter screaming, looking at me for reaction
3. Dirty bathroom
4. Dirty floors
5. Daughter digging in the gravel that cactis are planted in
6. Daughter feeding dog food, then throwing food at him
7. Daughter refusing to finish bottle despite repeated attempts
8. Make dinner - Pizza Rolls do not really count as a meal

To my credit I did make a pumpkin pie, along with a mini pie for husband as well as finish one load of dishes, wipe down stove and clean bottles.

I'm hoping mini pie compensates for lack of above discipline when husband reads this...


amanda said...

I say celebrate the small victories and ignore the rest! :)
I was happy to get the bathroom sink wiped down and the kitchen sink almost empty.

crazywildberry said...

I am happy to get some of the third floor cleaned up and the kitchen dishes/counter/sinks more tidy. Celebrate the victories! I like that. Ignore the things you have not enough energy to get to. You are pregnant for Pete's sake! :)