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Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Sunday

What a jam packed day! I've told ya'll that husband works weekends and I work M-F so we take a day off together very seriously and somewhere in the back of my head is my father's mantra to make the absolute most of every single day off.

Easter Service 7am at Lockhart Stadium (wake up at 5am)
- Charlotte abandons us to sit with another family

- Is very tired from waking an 1.5 hours early

- Sings and claps along to the songs
- Charlotte sleeps on the way to the beach (we take a very long leisurely drive)
- I'm pretty sure Laura Ashley didn't intend for her dresses to be worn at the beach with Croc's...

Post Beach
- Stop at Starbucks
- Home brings naps for Husband/Charlotte and yoga for me because a nap just makes me more tired and lately my body's been really achy and crampy; stretching is so important while pregnant, I just need to make time for it!

Post Nap
- Charlotte get's her Easter Chocolate Egg while I make Strawberry pie, Steak, mashed potatoes and green beans!

Post dinner
- We take a looooong family walk to work off the chocolate buzz

Lovely day, we are so blessed with our life in South Florida. In case you wish to view our Easter last year, it can be found here.


Unknown said...

This is so funny! We walked to the playground yesterday, and BabyBear was still in her dress...with CROCS! And as I uploaded the pics and posted them I thought "what an odd combo" I was going to change her, but was glad I didn't because the pics looked cute! And now I see that your little one spends her days in that same combo of practical, yet feminine garb :0) hehehe!!!

crazywildberry said...

Charlotte is so cute, crocs and all! Just adorable! My favorite is her peeking around the tree! Happy Easter, my friends!