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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Poop and Adult Braces

I got adult braces on Tuesday and I've felt cranky ever since. The right side of my mouth has been slowly and painfully scraping the inner cheek and is driving me insane until I finally figured out how to sculpt wax over the metal parts (supplied by the orthodontist). I got 8-9 months left of this, no wonder I've put it off so long!

Eating has been difficult with the braces so I made a pumpkin pie to comfort myself with. Also, made Tortilla soup with cornbread. Some have suggested I might lose weight through eating less but all I've wanted is pasta (soft foods) lately so that's not likely to happen!

Enough with me, just putting this here to document a moment in time. Sorry to bother you with my crankiness.

Today was one of those days where I waited for a nap to happen, then for poop to happen. I probably should have take us to a new park, gone on an adventure but instead I stayed home with Charlotte. She took a two hour nap on my lap while I got caught up with unwatched Glee episodes online and relived the glory days of my high school time in show choir.

Poop did happen, with lots of tears - fiber is definitely needed and was added to the rest of the day's diet. I hate it when this creeps up without warning. We have days and days of easy poops and out of no where a rock hard painful one happens and I haven't changed her diet, she probably just needs more liquid or as my friend and nurse CeCe says, she's playing more now, give her karo syrup and prune juice. I love how friends can bring us back to earth with simple logic.

Enough about poop.

After the above, we went outside and repotted plants. Ever tried this with a one year old? I'm astonished to say we didn't break any terra cotta pots and only spilled a small amount of dirt, oh and a few leaves were pruned from the plant with fat leaves (husband, when your read this please supply the name of plant, mind's a bit foggy).

She get's cranky when things don't fit.


screamish said...

what a little cutey..is she fully walking now? or just standing up? she looks like she's swaggerring around there, she looks like she has totally mastered it all...

Grit said...

she is totally adorable. i wish i lived down the road and could come and babysit. and enjoy the poop. this subject kept our marriage together.

R. Molder said...

Hi Screamish - fully walking, climbing, reaching really far into desk and counter tops to drag anything and every thing off. It's worse then I imagined.

Hi Grit - would welcome your babysitting any day! Funny how poop can become such a main topic of conversation at home.