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Sunday, October 04, 2009


I grew up with a mom who bought generic and therefore didn't use many coupons, however she still had a great system for organizing coupons and every week before she went to the store she would review her coupon options. I need to get better at this. I have a coupon pile that I shove them into when they arrive in the mail and I look at it like every 3 months.

Today I looked through the pile and saved the following money:
Costco - $20 saved on back up system (original price $89.99), this has been on my to-buy list for several months so I was excited to use this.
Costco - $5.00 on diapers - my husband did our monthly Costco buy on the 1st of the month and I forgot to give him the coupons EGADS! So I actually bought an extra box of diapers, not sure this is the greatest plan since I'm spending on next month's budget but $5.00 seems worth it.
Target - $5.00 off baby items after spending $25, this justified new clothes, 4 pieces each $5.00 so it seemed like a good deal
Target - $3.75 on Gerber foods

Total savings = $33.75

My only regret in the day was finding a $50 voucher for American Airlines after I've already purchased the tickets to Texas. I got this last December and need to think of a way to remind myself to use it a year later. Maybe I just need to put all coupons in one envelope and if I shuffle through them on a weekly basis I'll be able to remember them when it counts!

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