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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back to the beach we go

It's mid-September and the weather is still HOT!!! The water temperature is 81f/27c and the air is 91f/32c.

Today at the beach we met 1 year old latina Sophia who was accompanied by her grandparents. Sophia was wearing a beautiful white dress with matching bonnet. She sat quietly in a chair while her GP's set up the beach gear (I don't dare put mine in a chair, she'd likely throw herself to the ground). Sophia then sat quietly on the beach blanket while her GP's fed her snacks. Charlotte looked on in horror, what kind of baby sits that quietly she bellowed to me (I'm translating her loud squawk). Charlotte then rolled around in the sand to show Sophia how it's supposed to be done at the beach.

Look she squealed, you are supposed to get really really sandy. Sand everywhere! In mom's purse, inexplicably in the bottles and wallets. Everywhere! And if you want a really really great sand mask, stick your face straight into the sand!

I used to get really freaked out when she was young and would tumble face first into the sand but now I realize it was intentional all along!

It should be noted that after two hours at the beach, baby Sophia was still clean - WE on the other hand were covered in sand regardless of multiple trips into the ocean but I wouldn't trade my shrieking, loud opinionated daughter for any other baby.


Grit said...

that is amazing! she has real intention there, no? she needs that sand! this is where our worlds of 'don't do that' as adults collide with children who say 'i need to!' - maybe one day she'll be a geologist with specialist interest in coastal resources!

R. Molder said...

Thanks Grit! I simply had no idea babies might think sticking their head in the sand was a good idea. I think you're right, there must be a geologist future for her! She really loves everything on the ground.

crazywildberry said...

cute! I see those kids that just sit and are quiet and wonder what kind of parenting their parents do on them to train them to not be kids. It's amazing and scary all in one. I love my wild run-about kids. Wouldn't trade them either!