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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Before children, a time period I like to refer to as BC, I led a very clean life. Weekends had an entertainment agenda with a visit to the beach/bookstore or movies but there was also an important element of cleaning the entire condo. Now that I have a daughter, I reflect back on the life I had before - clean, calm, orderly - but rather boring and I'm learning to giggle at the dirt that has entered my life and has yet to make any of us really ill.

Yesterday's sandy mess at the beach made me laugh as I recalled a time when my beach towel was spotless as I read a book and maybe got the very bottom sandy upon return from swimming. My beach towel now looks like a sandy beach. Almost pointless.

Prior to going to the beach Charlotte ran off with a lotion bottle that had a loose top. Seconds later there was a crash in the kitchen as lotion ooozed everywhere. She then proceeded to paint with the lotion as I cleaned it up.

Later that day I discovered she's tall enough to pull an entire egg tray off the high chair. Two eggs hit the floor and she happily painted the floor with them. It was fun.

Tonight, on our evening walk, she ran back to a pile of duck poo and picked it up. Horror!!! She definitely got a bath after that.

I'm getting used to the dirt and mess with very little time to clean it up. Husband's joining in the fun by letting a dirty little girl ride in the laundry basket of clean clothing on the way to the bedroom. Sigh! If I don't give in and join the fun I'll forever be in dirt horror.


Greasycog said...

She climbed in and it was awfully cute.

R. Molder said...

I was betting such and it's really cool! It's just that my first reaction would have been to say no and I think it's really cool that you let her "do" stuff.

crazywildberry said...

My house is never clean. No mom to come over and entertain while I clean. Kids love to pull out faster than I can put back. Life is like that with multiple kids. Glad to hear you are taking it all in stride.