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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday in Hong Kong - part 2

I started my hotel stay as an elite member, compliments of my friend who has a friend within the hotel. The deal was elite service for the first week because it was the only room available and then regular service for remaining 2 weeks. I spent the first weekend enjoying 3-5pm “Tea Time” at the 11th floor lounge. The following week I spent 2 days in China and I barely registered the transition - until this weekend. Suddenly I realized my roaming within the hotel is limited to pool area, lobby and 2 restaurants. In case you are wondering why I’m not out shopping – well I’ve had a very expensive year and I promised husband I would behave. I’ve only purchased 5 episodes of The Office, 3 Alan Jackson songs, one pedicure at Aveda and one belt (forgot one from home so was necessary). I’m also not out sightseeing as the last two weeks I’ve been tramping all over this city looking at office spaces, hotel spaces for upcoming toy fairs, options for company apartment, meeting vendors and walking all the fun spots for dinner and evening entertainment. I’m tired. I don’t want to walk around by myself. So I spent the entire day at the hotel, in pool area for 50% of the day. Tomorrow I plan to spend 75% of the day at pool as I’ve discovered pool side service. Apparently I can enjoy food, tea and an entire bevy of fun drinks. I have 3 books and plenty of The Office to watch on my iPod.

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Greasycog said...

Yeah, I hate being alone when we could be having fun.