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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday in Hong Kong - part 1

I’m currently stationed at a 5 star hotel in Hong Kong. I should feel grateful; there are worse places to be. However, I’ve been here for 2 weeks and I’m cranky and bored. I’ve already exhausted many night life options with my co-worker over the past 2 weeks and the lucky bastard just jetted off this morning leaving me with one week of follow ups left.
Tomorrow is a holiday in Hong Kong, which sucks because it is one more day of nothing to do. No one to interact with except the service staff and they are not really talkative – except for the other day when my co-worker stopped at the concierge desk to receive a package from one of our vendors. He pulled out a Barney Bubble Blower and suddenly the concierge lady got extremely animated and excitedly told us that Barney’s her daughter’s favorite. We continued onto the elevator where suddenly I realized I was holding a cartoon gun in front of an elevator full of people so I joked about holding them all hostage. Laughs all around as my co-worker began explaining the problems with the bubble can connection with the gun. The lady behind was so excited about the bubble gun that she made comments until I exited on the 8th floor. What is the deal with women and Barney? Does Barney bring out maternal instincts? I’m assuming I am completely immune as I regard the product as a broken piece of junk that I need to address with the vendor on Tuesday.

1 comment:

crazywildberry said...

Just clicked on your link of this today. Couldn't help but comment.

I can't stand Barney. I am annoyed by his nasal way of singing and his songs are annoying too. I was once told I HAD to let my kids watch Barney. Otherwise, I would be depriving my kids of him. I thought the conversation was stupid and was glad when it ended. They never watched him and I am glad. LOL!