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Friday, November 03, 2006

Try dim sum-style chicken feet - and other experiences with Chicken in Asia

My co-worker has told me stories of this dish, but it took me 3 weeks in Hong Kong to finally find this famous dish on the table. Actually the most startling thing was prior to this serving, I found a plate of stir fried chicken on the table and as my eyes ajusted to the dim light, I noticed a very startled bronzed chicken head at the corner of the dish. The follow up of chicken feet was almost expected.

Three weeks ago, I was at a factory in Shenzhen and my host announced lunch was Northern Chinese style. It was my 2nd day in Asia and I was excited hear stir-fried chicken with chiles had been ordered. It sounded familiar. It was only after I piled my plate full that I noticed the bone, skin and possibly other parts were stired fried together. It appears as though an entire chicken was passed through a wood chipper and stir fried with chilies. I've learned to avoid chicken in Asia.

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crazywildberry said...

Ew, gross! Well, since this is the first that I have hear about your trip, I am assuming that you are home, although, I thought that you would not be yet. Send me an email if you have time. It will be cool to hear more about your trip and what your future plans are. CWB