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Monday, December 21, 2020

November & December Summary of Covid-19

This post is back dated to fill in our history with this virus.  I realized I missed a major chunk of our story and need to fill in the blank.

In the first week of November the virus swept through our church, as the week went on more than half the church reported symptoms, six went to the hospital, two didn't come back.  They were a married couple in their mid-70's, a very dear couple who I will miss tremendously.  They were parents to two of our children's teachers at Truth so we walked through this month in constant prayer and waiting.

My mom got the virus, but we didn't know until she was almost better.  Her symptoms never required medication, she didn't develop pneumonia, and she didn't require any hospitalization.  It still took her over a month to regain her strength.  It was jarring to go through because of the unknowns.  

Somehow we managed to stay covid free in our immediate family, my cousin and her mom had missed the Sunday the virus swept through the church so they were covid free.

In Mississippi, my husband's aunt and uncle came down with the virus around Thanksgiving.  She survived, he did not.  He was one of my favorite people on this earth, so funny, it's been difficult to process his death.  He survived the tornado of 2019, survived a heart attack a few months later but didn't survive this.  In time I will write more but for now it's still hard to lose him, right before Christmas.  

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