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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Weddings in Hong Kong

I occasionally amuse myself by watching weddings from my hotel window in Hong Kong and they confound me every single time.  This is my 2nd wedding witnessed from this corner which looks down on an outdoor reception area and I really need someone to explain it to me because I'm really quite confused.

1.  almost no music, not even procession music, just one burst of sound to announce the start of the wedding and that's it
2.  there is almost no ceremony that I can see, unless you count the one minute speech given by one person as the bride and groom stand in front of a table and then they say their vows
3.  the bridesmaids stand at the back of the audience, with cell photos, taking photos, I guess with no ceremony there is nothing for them to do except wear a pretty dress and wait for their turn in the photo procession
4.  after the one minute speech, and the vows, the rest of the hour is spent with the entire audience lining up to take photos in various combinations.

From what I can tell, it's all about the photos.  And then, before the hour is even up, the hotel staff is busy stacking chairs while the photos are finishing up.

At the very end, everyone in the photo line up is making a claw with their hands and there are two people behind the wedding party in black workout clothing, jumping around and making claw hands.  They also appear to be supporting the photographer by posing everyone and occasionally stopping to drink a Starbucks that was left in what might presumably be the staging area.  I'm having a hard time connecting the jumpers as part of the wedding party as they are not interacting with the guests so I guess I'm confused as to why they were in the claw photo.

Before the wedding started there was a cake set out and a drink cart, then somewhere in the middle of everything, the cake and drink cart went back inside.  Were they only brought out for photos?  As props?

At the end of the hour the entire flower trellis is packed up and wheeled away, while photos are continuing, so there is almost no evidence of a wedding even left at this point.

I'm guessing the food is served inside and hopefully there are more decorations.

At some point the groom gets bored and wanders inside, leaving his beloved to take a few more photos with the bridesmaids, which completely confounds me because they are supposed to enter the reception area together and be introduced.  After a few minutes she wanders in with a hotel staff and her bridesmaids are left outside to continue taking photos and wasting the photographers time.

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