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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Jet Lag and Sickness

I don't get jet lag during my trips to Asia, somehow my body acclimates easily and I don't have any pain, headaches or nausea.   I take a sleep med to make sure I sleep through the night but otherwise I don't really have any issues.

The return is quite painful though.  Even if I sleep the entire night, I'm still exausted by 3pm and it's a struggle to get through the remainder of the day for the first week.  This time I got a severe sinus cold two days after getting home and I stayed in bed for two days straight.

As soon as I was feeling better enough to get back to a normal cleaning routine, my oldest got a stomach bug that kept her home from church on Sunday.  The next morning my husband got it and was out for the entire day!  I think I got in 2 hours of work that day as I had to do his job of taking care of the kids; so thankful it's Chinese New Year and almost no new projects or emails.

We've had some minor snow and a few two hour delays but overall our weather hasn't been too bad.  I'm just glad work is slow so I can keep up with all the illnesses, doctor's visits and minor school issues.

It's January, I guess it's all to be expected!

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