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Saturday, January 05, 2019

My Black Boot Obsession

This year I was determined to go to Hong Kong with a nice pair of black boots.  Our HK GM has a pair that she wears every January and she always looks so stylish, warm, and cozy.  The Asian girls know how to rock black stockings with a skirt and boots and I've been eyeing their style for years now.  All I needed was the perfect pair to transform my style into posh urban traveler. 

I started with Zappos.com and ordered a pair that was under $100, they have free returns, although I'm sure shipping is wrapped in there somehow.  They didn't fit so I returned them.

Next I spent over an hour at HSM trying on every black boot in my size, that's a very long time for a non-shopper.  I didn't find one pair and quite nearly ran us late for church as I wasn't watching the time, nor was I enjoying myself.  I thought perhaps it was the skirt I had on and that I just needed to wear one I'd be wearing in Hong Kong.

Or maybe I needed to spend more money on boots!  I'll wear them for 10+ years, every winter, every day, maybe I just need to spend more to get a nice fitting pair.  As a side note, I prefer Reebok shoes so my idea of comfort is a running shoe.  So I spent $300 on a Munro pair, I've worn this brand before and I can confirm they build a comfortable dress shoe, although my pairs were more around $100 range but with free returns why not try them.  They came a day later and did not fit, no zipper so I could barely get them on.  I'm not sure the hassle of running to the UPS store twice in one week is worth it.

Back to HSM with newly minted four year old in tow.  We spent the next hour on different aisles yelling "moma"?  "Evie?" to each other while I meticulously tried on more boots and she ran my phone data into the ground.

I finally found one that promised cloud soles.  Never mind the narrow toe area, I sized up 1/2" so it should all be good.  I got them home and tried them on with my entire Hong Kong wardrobe and they really do look magnificent, never mind the 1-2 miles I'll be walking in the airport, they have cloud soles!

Today, after .6 miles, accordingly to my phone app, I had to pack them into my carry on and switch to my Reeboks.  I hope I can still wear them for days when I don't have much walking, otherwise they've just made my bag much harder to close for nothing. 

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