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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

My Most Brilliant Coup

was convincing my boss to let me move to Maryland and work from home.  At 5pm, I assume baby care so husband can make dinner.  However, if I'm not done working, she plays in my office until such point I can't take the mess/ruckus.  At this point she is removing everything from my purse, a time honored tradition that all babies must attempt.

After quickly scooping up anything too small for her to put in her mouth I continue working.  She looks around for other things to bang on, crawls under my desk and stands at the paper shredder (which is off) and bangs on that for awhile until she finally gets tired and yells at me to stop what I'm doing and pick her up.  Some days I get a good 30 minutes left to work, some days it's 15 and sometimes I'm just better off waiting until 8pm to return to work and get it done in peace.  But there's no commute and we generally have dinner on the table by 6:30 so I really can't complain.  

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