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Friday, November 06, 2015

Late Fall a result of El Nino

This year we found ourselves raking leaves in November.  I found it to be a lovely respite from sitting at a desk every day.  It's more invigorating than afternoon coffee to go out and rake leaves in the afternoon. 

Usually my girls wear skirts, they prefer to look girly but today I told Charlotte she needed to wear jeans because we'd be jumping in leaves and sitting on hay bales and I didn't want her pretty skirts to get ruined.  She actually doesn't even like jeans so it took some fussing to get her into them and find an appropriate belt because she's far to skinny to actually hold them up.  I think she looks so cute in her farm girl outfit.  She was a huge help with picking up the leaves. 

Sam and Charlotte got really possessive over their sides of the yard so I had to really work with them to rake in just one area so we could work as a team and get through a decent portion of the lawn.  Here's the team after we finished (Vi's in Texas visiting Mema):

Thanks to El Nino, we're outside in t-shirts!

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