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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Failure to Thrive - Part 6

This was a good visit!  Evie's ear infection is better and she is finally 14.1lbs and the doctor is satisfied that she doesn't have to return until she turns one, which is in one month.  My goal is to get her to 15lbs but the doctor said 16 would be better.  Her weight is still well below the charts which is keeping her still in the 'failure to thrive' category so now the primary goal is to keep the weight going up and not stagnating.

Her eating of solids has improved drastically over the past month and she's now enjoying:
  • Pumpkin Pancakes - she ate 2 for breakfast!  I know what she's getting for her birthday breakfast!!
  • Gerber fruits - she can get through one container per day split between two meals.  The doctor said most babies are eating 2 containers per meal but it's challenging enough to get her to consume this so we are trying to get her to 2 containers per day.
  • Bread crusts - the other kids don't eat their bread crusts so Evie helpfully takes as many as she can cram in. 
  • Any breads seem to make her happy
  • Cookies that are graham related make her happy
We've tried cooked carrots, smashed fresh bananas and cooked apples but those are thrown on the floor.  It's been easier to stick with foods she will feed herself and spooning in the Gerber fruits.  Her appetite is increasing so that's a good sign and I'm still nursing her every three hours so that's how she gets her liquids.  She still won't take a bottle or sippy cup of any sort. 

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