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Sunday, October 05, 2014

First day back from vacation - tears, drawing and coffee

After a two day return trip from Texas, we decided to stay home from church this Sunday.  We got in late last night and the girls looked like they needed rest.  But rest is more than sleeping!  It also involves acclimating to home, toys they haven't seen for two weeks and a much colder temperature than when we left.

By 3pm I declared it was time for a coffee break outing.  With fond memories of drawing with husband before kids, I declare it coffee shop sketch day.  Much time and effort is spent in finding our sketch books - I'm afraid it's been so long for mom and dad that we had to really dig.  Next we bravely put on our outdoor gear - one of us over compensated by putting on a snow suit which was promptly removed upon entering the truck due to discomfort.

Finally we arrived at the coffee shop with grand intentions!  We order coffee beans for the month, drinks and snacks.  We sit to eat the snacks and the oldest dives into my peanut butter pie and consumes 90% before I've opened my sketch book!  Then she melts down when we ask her to stop.  Dad takes her for a walk.  It turns out she's just really hungry from not eating much lunch so we order a cheese bagel.  Then she's suddenly wet, and we can't figure out if she sat in something or had an accident when she was freaking out earlier so dad takes her to the truck for a change.  Back from the truck she happily eats the cheese bagel and finally draws.  The youngest rolls her sketch into a ball and loses all interest in drawing.  All she wants is cheese and entertainment.  My delicate pond sketch with cattails and swan is roughly colored over.  Finally husband, having drawn nothing, says quietly that it might be time to go.

On the way home there is more whimpering from the oldest because her tummy hurts again.  I wonder how she's going to survive first day back to school tomorrow with all this drama!  

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