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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just because I'm pregnant and work from home doesn't mean I get to slack off!

But at least I can squeeze in a few more fun things when I work from home! 

Wake at 8am
Yoga 20 minutes
Prepare breakfast for self and two year old
Read news whilst eating breakfast and two year old watches movies
Work from 9-11:30 then get shower, take photos of cute orange mushrooms in the front yard
Eat lunch
Work from 12:30 - 3:15, stop and go get daughter from 1st grade
Decide we all need a nice snack, stop at Panera and get full sandwich, chocolate croissant and mocha, let girls get whatever treat they want, everyone should benefit from moma's pregnancy!
Home at 4:30, work until 6:30, make girls dinner, still too full from "snack" so go back to work until 8pm.  Spend 15 minutes with girls then work until 9:00 when back hurts so bad I can't see how I could possibly sit for another minute.
Yoga for 20 minutes.
Make snack/dinner
Get call from Hong Kong office at 9:30, go back to work until 11pm.

Well, at least I did yoga twice and had a nice afternoon break with the girls!

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