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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Lie

There was a crash and a howl as a two year old sorrowfully replaced all his bricks into his shopping cart.  It was clear someone had tipped it.  Potentially the four year old who had dashed behind the babies crib with a guilty look on her face.  I patiently asked the victim who had tipped his cart and through his limited English he only managed to wave his little hands angrily and indicate the wrong that had befallen him.  From behind the crib four year old announces that Violette, our 11 month old tipped the cart.  I look into the victims eyes and say "did Charlotte tip your cart".  Yes she did.

Caught in a lie.  I would have only considered a minor punishment for tipping a cart of blocks but a lie is a very bad thing.

I brought the oldest to her dad and explained the story.  She had an immediate panic attack about her potential punishment.  We explain to her just how bad it is to lie and just as I thought to myself, maybe we should have her pray to God and have her confess her sin my husband tells her to do the exact same thing.  Love it when we have this parental thing in total sync.

She returned to her bedroom and prayed a very clear and honest prayer about how she tipped the cart and made her brother cry and how very very sorry she was for doing that.  Then she did something unexpected.  She burst into tears of absolute sorrow.  It was a depth of sadness I haven't heard from her before and I could only attribute it to one thing.  Sin hurts.  It's a simple as that.  I explained that she was clean inside because she had asked for forgiveness.  Sometimes these moments are so awkward because they are unexpected and I don't know what is the right thing to say.  She finally relaxed and got down.  I probably puzzled over this far longer then she did. 

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