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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random Tuesday ~ I'm back and I rant about how Glee jumped the shark

To date I've written 89 Random Tuesday posts - this will be the 90th.  Clearly I have some history with this meme but sadly I've fallen off the bandwagon since my last post was November 27th.

In case your wondering what happened, the answer is simple.  I got busy with travel and when one stops blogging for any period of time, even 3 weeks or so it just becomes a life of it's own and soon you forget how to write a simple sentence and the idea of writing anything is daunting to the point that you just have to jump back in with both feet and proof read later after you've unleashed all those pent up words!

Random thought 1:
Is Christian Easter okay with giving children chocolate bunnies and eggs?  Because we don't have a firm stand on the issue and mine are terribly excited at the thought of Easter and it's ALL because of the candy.  So to counter we've decided to do things a little differently this year.  Every night this week will be an Easter story so we can build the background in their little minds.  Then by Sunday, we make it a big celebration because Jesus is risen.  And with that celebration comes cake, candy and balloons.  Our pastor always starts the service with "Happy Empty Tomb Day" so I tag him with making it a celebration.

Random thought 2:
Glee - I used to love this show when it first came out.  The singing and dancing took me straight back to my high school days when we called it "show choir".  Then it got  really sexual so I took a break.  I have better things to do then watch a bunch of teenagers become highly sexualized in a way that goes totally against what I think teens should be doing - which is focusing on their studies and trying to get into a GOOD college!  Yeah call me a prude, I don't care, the most successful people I know today took high school seriously and focused on their friendships (of which I still consider two my life long besties).  ANYWAY, I ran out of shows to watch and recently settled down to watch the Valentine episode which is about the wedding of the popular teacher and at one point during the reception, 4 couples wandered off to hotel rooms.  They made sure only the post high school crowd hooked up because one teen couple just sat on a bed and changed their minds.  Thanks Glee, for letting high schoolers know that sex is best saved for college.  Later in the episode Glee got confused and forgot that last season they made two cast members graduate high school which would put their age at 17 or 18 and both were drinking wine at the wedding reception which since it's of their former teacher you'd think the bartender would have been double warned to card the kids!  Really Glee?  You also support underage drinking???  Glee, I am officially done with you.

Random thought 3:
And now for good clean fun.  Has anyone seen the show "The Neighbors"?  It is so funny!  It's about aliens that move into a suburb and a family from Jersey moves into their community.  I love comedy shows about aliens, heck I love just about everything about aliens (except the scary stuff) so if you loved stuff like Alf and Third Rock from the Sun then you should definitely check this out, it's on HULU!  Hey I wonder if Alf will ever make a come back?  Seems like a nice nostalgic thing to do!  Who's with me for the Alf love?  If I made him into a plush toy would you buy him?



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