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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Condo Tales ~ The neighbor kids love to spend all day on my porch!

You've heard the saying "if you feed ducks they will come back"?   Well apparently the same principle applies with neighbor children when you offer sidewalk chalk and art supplies!

It's getting hot outside - today mid-80's and when neighbor children are given free reign to play outside all day, a shelter is needed.  That shelter has become our porch.  With a table and 3 chairs a gaggle of children can gather with Jenga (today's choice), art supplies or whatever.  

Why my porch you ask?

I guess we've let them play there enough with our own darlings and when a home is friendly to children they will return.  We've hosted many an art hour on the porch with play-doh, crayons and construction paper.  

By 3pm today we had five or six outside our living room window laughing and playing games.  Charlotte likes to watch cartoons are this time so she got annoyed with all the noise and yelled at them through the window to quiet down.  They ignored her and it peeved her greatly.

They knocked every hour to see if mine were ready to come out to play.  I finally stopped answering the door!

It took us until 6pm to finally venture outside and by this time only two were left, a manageable number.  We took a walk around the pond with both neighbors along for the ride, one borrowing a bike.  The older one (my favorite) helped with Sam on his push scooter while I pushed Violette in her stroller.  It was a very long walk because Sam is quite slow on his little red car (hint to husband, Craig's List for a three year old vehicle please).  

We returned to the porch where the girls broke out the art supplies and one neighbor girl ran inside our house for more construction paper repeatedly.  Sure why not!  It allows me time to spend with Violette on the grass without having to jump up and cater to everyone.

We stayed out for one hour until I realized the time change had made it almost 7 and extremely late for dinner!  Back inside, goodbye neighbor girls.  They stayed for awhile to finish coloring, the oldest knocked two more times to give us artwork she had done for the kids.  

It's very flattering to have the most popular spot on the block but I'm glad I only have to deal with this on the weekends!  

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