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Saturday, February 09, 2013

London - day 2

Trip:  London, England
Purpose:  Business
Day 2

I’ve misread my calendar and arrive for my meeting 2.5 hours early.  It’s fine though, because they put me in a nice room with access to drinks and the loo so I’m quite comfortable.  Then they start an hour early with me, which is nice because we have lots to review.  Meetings end at 2pm and I take a taxi back to hotel to drop off laptop bag.

3pm – I now have 3 hours to shop. 

Disney Store

Pylones in the SOHO district – which I bought a business card holder from in 2006 and fell in love with their artistic designs.  This time I bought a cheese grater, travel mug and ballerina pen for Charlotte.

Bookstore – I’m an avid reader of British & Irish authors and my favorite, Marian Keyes, has just put out a book that’s not out in the US yet.  It was so exciting to pick this up and I got 2 awesome books for the kids that cannot be found in the US. 

Indian Food for dinner – I entered a completely empty restaurant at 5pm and having skipped lunch was ready for dinner.  How lovely to find an empty restaurant with new book in hand!  I ordered dinner and immediately became engrossed in the story through 100 pages before a French couple showed up and ruined everything with their chatter.  Satisfied that I’d already eaten and had tea I returned to the hotel for an evening of SKYPE with the family and more reading. 

It’s evenings like this that give me a well needed mom’s night off!

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