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Friday, December 03, 2010

Finally off the hampster wheel!

The week after Thanksgiving is always a busy time catching up from the small break. This one was compounded with my right hand girl announcing her two week resignation. Thus begins the race to post an ad, find a replacement, reorganize the department a bit and call in an old colleague who's willing to help for the interim.

Every day I worked long hours, came home at my daughter's bedtime almost every day and stayed up till midnight to do household chores - the more I get done the more I can spend time with the kids on the weekend!

Today I got home from work at 2pm - finally off the hamster wheel of work - my daughter grabs my hand and announces "let's dance". What a fun way to begin the weekend. No worries, just dance.


crazywildberry said...

Aww! You so deserve a little dance in your honor. What a fun girl! Hope you find a replacement and soon! And a good one! Have a great weekend!

Caterina said...

:) That is so sweet!

And I admire the "stayed up till midnight to do household chores." I try to do that, I do, but end up falling asleep :D blah.