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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on my little dude

Had another doctor’s appointment on Thursday and surprisingly it only lasted 15 minutes! It’s nice to get back to quick appointments. His heartbeat is 158 beats per minute which is considered excellent and they took a standard blood test.

Next appointment is in one week with the other doctor who will do more ultrasound measurements and then we take a break from all doctors for 3 weeks! This means they consider our pregnancy to no longer be high risk and we fall back into a routine of visiting about once a month until the 30th week. It’s a nice little break considering all the prior appointments have been every 2 weeks and difficult.

He's started moving enough for me to feel it this past week. Very soft movements but it's reassuring.


Rumour Miller said...

I hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth sailing.

Grit said...

((hugs)) for that. xx

crazywildberry said...

Wonderful news! I need to check in over here more often, huh? So glad things are turning around for you.