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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Productive Week

I had no idea my house was so dirty - well maybe I did but with a toddler demanding full time attention AND getting involved in every little thing we do it prevents major cleaning projects and I've let many things slip. Pleased to say we are making huge strides in correcting 20 months of clutter.

Husband is mid-way through renovating the dining room table and painting the nursery. I'm mid-way through half a dozen reorganization projects which has resulted into open boxes all over the place - a forbidden act when toddler is around. In fact we've broken almost every toddler rule in the book. Locks have come off the doors, the printer is left out along with paper shredder and hazardous materials scattered through out in support of husband's projects. Somewhere in our rebellion against toddler rules we are finding satisfaction in getting stuff done.