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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week 8

Monday's appointment was a bit of a shock, twin gestation showed up on the monitor, but only a heartbeat in one. The mid-wife said that's probably why I've been feeling extra nasty these past few weeks, extra nausea, no desire to eat, food taste like sawdust, tired all the time, etc. It would appear that I have a possible case of Vanishing Twin Syndrome and the second will be absorbed during the pregnancy - just the sack mind you, no heart beat presumably means just a sack. I don't want to think otherwise.

I've always wanted twins - they fascinate me and I dream of seeing how complex I can make my life and still come out sane. I guess this was not meant to be, still thankful for the strong heartbeat in the other sack. I have an appointment in two weeks with high risk specialist who's going to take a more detailed look. I suppose it's 2 weeks away due to all the Christmas and New Years celebrations.

I also want to say the mid-wife who handled this appointment is the kindest sweetest women I've ever met, particularly in contrast. I remember my first appointment at 7 weeks when I was pregnant with Charlotte. I had freaked out from some blood discharge and rushed in a week early asking for proof the baby was okay and the guy who did my first ultrasound complained while he had the joystick up my hooha that it was so annoying when they send women in for an ultrasound so early, he couldn't find the heartbeat and rammed the thing around, pressed hard on my belly until a heartbeat was finally located. I was so worried about the baby that it didn't occur to me to be furious with him until now. Thankfully my insurance changed and I had to switch doctors or he'd have hell to pay if he met me now.

Not feeling super cheerful about Christmas due to all the ugg going on inside but will do my best to chin up and make it fun for the family. Really glad we are not traveling so no one has to put up with my staring at food in horror, eating 2 bites and asking for plain yogurt.


Grit said...

i remember how pregnancy is a tough time, not only on your body, but also on your emotions and all the coping strategies you have to think through just to survive the delights and horrors of each new turn. and just to say that i'm thinking of you from over here, and wishing you lots of the very best for this next stage. xx

R. Molder said...

Thanks Grit, means alot!

crazywildberry said...

Had a tech come in late in the night before I was induced with first baby. I felt bad but if she had talked to me that way, I would have had a word or two for her and her boss! And completely HATE when they ram that thing around in there. It hurts!