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Monday, June 02, 2008

I went to work in a bad mood today

Nothing happened to put me in a bad mood prior to work, it's just Monday and I was cranky about leaving my nest which I had not left for the entire weekend. Seriously I didn't leave at all, not even to get snacks or entertainment. Not even when the pool got dreadfully full with 12 kids and unhappy neighbors screaming at each other over who left the pool door propped open - I stayed in the pool and kept reading until I had to pee so bad I was forced to leave. Not even when next door neighbor got disgruntled with the gettho state of our condo and started bitching at his wife that nothing was being done and when she asked to drop it and have a nice evening he turned on her - it got a bit ugly - I stayed on my porch and kept reading. Nothing got in the way of my zen mindset and single minded attempt to fix up babies room and then forget the pain in my back through pooh, reading and ignoring my loud obnoxious neighbors. Nothing until I went to work and could no longer block out annoying distractions.

Work forces me to deal directly with clients who regardless of deadlines & ship dates continue to want more changes, factories who suddenly decide they no longer wish to take orders from August 1st but give no reason for why, offices who dispatch a very important collection of samples TO THE WRONG FREAKING ADDRESS and nearly send me into pre-labor with panic, boss who holds extremely long meetings that are supposed to be 1/2 hour long and cause self to stay until 7:30pm in order to finish work!!!

At least husband had favorite dinner waiting with chocolate cake for dessert.

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