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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Food Diary

I suspect I now understand the reasoning behind pregnant women eating strange combinations of food - we need to eat everything in sight - regardless of how sensible it is together.

Case in point -
breakfast - 3 large pancakes with strawberries
lunch - giant bowl of favorite tomato mac and cheese
4pm - I found a piece of cornbread in the fridge and ate with watermelon
7:45 - 9 Pizza Rolls, bowl of edamame, dinner of stir fry chicken with jalapeƱos and green peppers over rice, followed by a bowl of strawberry ice cream

breakfast - yogurt with strawberries and toast with peanut butter
12:30 lunch - leftover stir fry, ranch dorito's, watermelon
2pm - donut
4pm - banana with chocolate and vanilla ice cream
7pm - 5 bites of left over favorite tomato mac and cheese from Monday (hey - it was available)
7:15 - 2 large pancakes with strawberries
9:00 - 1/2 quesadilla with chicken, cheddar cheese, avocado & tomatoes (needed salsa), Black Cherry Jello and one mini chocolate dove bar.


crazywildberry said...

Thank you for this post. After this past weekend, I am feeling guilty about every little thing I put in my mouth!! @#$&%*! I just think about all the weight that I am going to wear if I don't stop eating so much, but I can hardly help myself. I bought shortbread cookies with chocolate drizzle on them and finished off 8 of them on the way home from the store. Husband was a little concerned. I just could hardly help myself. I love them! I am sitting here eating chex mix while I type this.

Breakfast 9am- big bowl of cranberry flake cereal with milk, two small peices of banana
snack 10:30- 4 shortbread cookies previously mentioned
lunch 12am- peanut butter sandwich with a few orange peices.
snack(s)2-4pm -1 whole orange, 4 bacon slices with 1 piece of cheese, small bowl of chex mix.
Dinner 6pm- leftover pasta dishes
snacks... ??

I am just always eating. And this type of behavior is not really good when I wish hubby would take off a few pounds.

My favorite thing to eat when preggo with #1 was a bagel sandwich with peanut spread on each half. Top that with cottage cheese sprinkled with raisins. Yum! With #2 it was anything chocolate. With this one, it's everything!!!

R. Molder said...

I have to laugh because we were both so skinny in high school and now we are eating like food is going out of style!

When I eat excessively, it's usually because I'm not eating the proper mix of foods - like protein!

I noticed today you had a carb breakfast with no protein, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Bread = carb, peanut butter = lots of sugar, both will just make you more hungry. Which is likely why you needed bacon by 4pm! Gotta get your proteins in!

I've found an egg sandwich or barrito for breakfast will hold me until 1pm!!! If I know I'm going to be stuck in meetings all morning, I have eggs. If I know I can break for a snack, I have a carbtastic breakfast but try to include a protein.

Yogurt has a decent portion of protein so try fitting that into your snacks with the fruit.

Cheese has protein! Try having cheese with cookies for a snack. It will hold you a bit longer and you get the fun snack.

I'm going for my 4:30 second lunch now!

R. Molder said...

Also, just to clarify, protein will take away that wild craving to eat food, any food. Once you are full on a balanced meal, a snack is more enjoyable and you can stop after a bit.

I think the challenging thing is getting protein in quick to consume quantities. Maybe we should store meat balls in a dish so we can have 3-5 for mid day snacks. Or perhaps make an extra steak for dinner and the next day have it in a salad or burrito wrap. Or fashion chicken into sticks to have a nuggets every 2-3 hours. There are so many sweet and carb based snacks. Where are the meat snacks???

R. Molder said...

Lest you think me infallible to the pitfalls of eating badly, I followed my last statement by eating a proper salad with chicken and avocado from 4:30 - 5. Following the Pool, I needed more food and at 9pm got KFC potato wedges, popcorn chicken and a biscuit. Wendy's is next door so got a chocolate frosty. I can only say the first 4 hours of sleep were unhappily filled with indigestion even though I took 2 tums before bed. Guess fried fast food is not wise before bed!

crazywildberry said...

I guess your theory is right. I had a egg sandwich today for lunch and didn't have any wild cravings until close to dinner time. I really didn't do a whole lot of eating today and I feel pretty good. I feel even better because I don't feel guilty. :)

R. Molder said...

Wow that's great! Keep eating the proteins and eggs!!!

Also, I have a correction to make, Peanut Butter has 8g of protein so it's a good choice.

crazywildberry said...

I thought PB was ok. Plus, I get the lower-fat kind so I don't feel so bad when I indulge in that. I love PB!! I don't really like eating bananas right now. They just don't appeal to me. But, put a little PB on there and I am good to go again! :D