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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Never had heartburn before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Husband has history of heartburn and I'd feel bad when he ate late and seemed enormously uncomfortable and only attributed it to that nasty stomach acid that creeps up occasionally. Apparently true heartburn is much worse. It's a quite nasty little distraction that works into one's subconscience while dreadfully tired and nags until one provides Pepto Bismol.

Earlier, around 12:30 I had the nagging feeling I was not falling asleep and we had run out of Pepto Bismol so I poked husband until he woke to mumble stage and asked if Tums worked the same. I explained my symtems and got him to verbalize yes; he rolled over and appeared possibly ready to get up and save me, waiting, waiting, not so lucky so I launch myself out of bed to search for Tums and instead find another bottom of Pepto Bismol - yeah, back to sleep in 5 minutes.

At 2am I wake for regularly scheduled bathroom break #2 and realize heart burn is gone, praise PB!

At 4am I wake for RSBB #3 and as I wrestle myself back between the pile of pillows, feel the acid burn. Throat feels like it has a jalapeƱo stuck in it. Time for another PB. This time convince self to get up, eat Strawberry ice cream and obviously write a short blog. Swallow pill wrong, choke, get more ice cream. Buy sheets on Overstock.com, play 3 games of Spider Solitare while dog runs back and forth 14 times to check on husbands status. Going back to bed now.


crazywildberry said...

Ahh! Heartburn... my dear friend. I symthasize with your hubby as I too have to deal with it from time to time.

Sorry to hear that you are dealing with it. My dad always thinks that heartburn comes from babies with lots of hair. Not true. Although, I had a lot of heartburn with the first two and they both had a full head of hair when they were born. shrug I think it's a myth.

However, not to alarm you, but check with your doc about PB. My doc recommended Tums only. And if you are going to be taking a lot of it now, I wouldn't want you see you unknowingly harming your baby girl. Just a quick call to the office would solve that.

Well, hope you are feeling fine beside this!

R. Molder said...

Good catch, I checked my approved medicine chart and it recommends Tums so I've switched.

crazywildberry said...

I am glad that you checked and switched. I care very much about you and her and don't want to see anything happen to either one of you. I am glad my advise was well-taken. Anyhow, I think Tums is much better tasting anyhow. Heartburn, AWAY!

R. Molder said...

Yeah Tums is easier to take, I really hate swallowing pills. My prenatal vitamin is huge! I really don't see the point in it because the range of vitamins in it are fairly common. It seems ridiculous to pay $50 per month for this thing.

crazywildberry said...

Wal-Mart has a prenatal pill that is $8 for a huge bottle of 200+ pills. They are what I am taking now and while I was pregnant with #2. I highly recommend changing. I spent $40 on 10 pills with #1 and he didn't turn out any better than #2 did or this one will. Just a suggestion. I will get you a name of it, if you are interested. Also, I am taking Caltrate 600 (?) for calcium.

R. Molder said...

Yeah I'm really irritated with my doctor for insisting I take the "special" prescription pill and in hind sight, should have just read the label and made sure I got equal portions in a cheaper version. I guess it's not too late now. Let me know the name of the brand you are taking.

I'm also taking Magnesium 500gm for the cramps. My doctor recommended this and it's not in the "special" prescription pill! Surprise!

crazywildberry said...

One correction! The prescription prenatal was $40 for 100 pills. Not just 10 pills! LOL!

The prenatal I am taking now is Spring Valley Prenatal. 240 pills for appox. $8. (It reads "Compare to Stuart Prenatal") I also take caltrate 600 ("For Bone and Colon Health"). And I am enemic, so I take SlowFE for iron. All of those I found at Wal-Mart.

What cramps are you having besides the leg cramps?

crazywildberry said...

Oh! I just thought of you this morning as I was taking all my prenatal pills. I wanted to let you know, unless you already know this, to take them with a glass of orange juice because the natural acid in orange juice is supposed to help break them up so we can absorb 25% (I think) more of their goodness. :D