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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dream Sequence - Episode 1 – Moon Trip

My parents had planned a trip to the moon on their own space shuttle. We stopped for gas on earth and my brother stepped off the craft to go buy some snacks. My mom, not realizing he had left the shuttle announced take off and to my surprise, immediately pulled the shuttle lever into forward launching us directly into outer space. There was no turning back due to the force needed to break the sound barrier so brother was left behind. When my parents were told, they were not too worried with his safety. Apparently with space travelers, independence is expected of the youth.
Upon arriving on the moon, I discovered a large astrodome with many settlers. I made a faceless friend and we decided to take a walk outside and see the sights. We stopped by an ocean that had a large dock for sun bathers. We of course stayed in our heavy suits but left our faces and hands exposed. During our stay, we noticed several brave people leaping into the frigid ocean to test the waters and their endurance. It seemed strange, us sitting here with heavy winter clothing and them in the water. We soon wandered back inside where I noticed my hands had what appeared to be a combination of frost burn and sun burn. I was worried my face may have the same. But I never made it to a mirror. In fact, I’m not sure how this tale ends.

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