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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Flower Child

Written on 7/2/13
This post is pre-dated to before blog was started but I want to fill in the blanks with some highlights from my life.

In this picture I'm wearing a costume for my friend Christine's wedding; she had asked all guests to come in costume.  Mine is inspired by a make-up done on Twiggy which I'll reference if I can ever find my book after our recent move to Maryland!  We have over 20 boxes of books to put away!!

 In hindsight, I wish I had practiced more before the wedding because I probably would have bought better paint for the green part and I would have balanced it better with the colors in my dress - oh and maybe removed the camera strap from my shoulder!  

I'd also like to point out this was the last time I used my college film camera.  Film has become almost extinct with the invention of the digital camera.  It's kinda sad!  

Oh!  And did you know I learned to do movie style make up in college? Full face prosthetic and puppets with stop motion animation!  So much fun!!

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