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Thursday, May 04, 2023

May the Fourth Be With You!

Star Wars day was pretty epic this year.  The kids got really involved and helped set up the toy display along with making some of the foods.

This year it fell on a Thursday, which is challenging because we had gymnastics, but at least there was no school the next day so kids could stay up late and watch a show.  Currently we're watching Obi Wan Kenobi.

A few days prior to the holiday, the kids made tie fighter cookies.  They've gotten really good at making these.

While they were in school I made Han Solo in carbonate.  Next year I think I'll use purple jello in the same pan.

While we were at Gymnastics, Charlotte who was feeling under the weather, helped make Droid Balls (popcorn with m&m's which the kids helped sort by color earlier in the week).

Earlier in the week I made Chewie Chews (Ginger Cookies).

Dad made this awesome Death Star pizza (I photographed it the wrong so sorry for the oddly flipped photo).

We also made light saber mozzarella sticks, and the most ultimate drink ever - Darth Maul Soda 

Finally, here is our collection of Star Wars toys, many of which I've had a hand in developing for Galaxy's Edge, along with legos, Pez dispensers, and a few roto head Grogu's that belong to the girls - one who is getting into the "fish eggs", and a handmade Ewok in a plant made by Violette!

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