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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Back to Hong Kong

It has been 4 years and 3 months since my last trip - the longest stretch in between trips in my entire 23 years of coming here.  Last trip was January 2019, that year rioters took over HK streets fighting for human rights.  Then at the end of 2019 Covid spread and shut down HK for almost 3 years to visitors.  My bosses first trip back was October 2022 when they still had the mask mandates and required testing in place.  I'm thankful those have been lifted.

So much has changed.  The war between Russia and Ukraine means we can no longer fly over Russia.  Instead we fly from the east coast to west and leave out of San Francisco, this adds several hours to an already long trip.

The hotel where I've stayed at for 15 years, has dropped many of it's luxuries.  No mini bar, no free cell phone to walk around with, and no ordering breakfast for dine in room service (I'm still confused by this one and it was one of my favorites), seating throughout the hotel has been removed to discourage people from sitting around and presumably spreading germs.  They've removed the night time menu dining options and I feel like the menu has been severely reduced to limit requests for room service.  I don't believe they do downturn service anymore.  

At least Ruth Chris Steak house is still here!  

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