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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Garden Update

Early April, when things were still tense with the Coronavirus lock down,  I ordered a bunch of seeds on Etsy.  This week I realized the strawberry seeds had not arrived so I went online and canceled the order on the basis that they sent me an email three weeks ago saying it had shipped.  I got back a rather rude email from the supplier saying they had written in big bold letters on the website that shipments would be delayed.  I get that, but if the system already says my order shipped, I'm never going to get it.  Regardless he returned my money so I'm satisfied.  

Last week my cousin gave me 10-12 strawberry plants so I'm good on that front! 

In recent weeks I've gotten everything I need from either Lowes or the local nursery who is very happy to have paying customers.

Update on my seedlings:
  • Roma Tomatoes - all 6 are 3-4" tall and doing extremely well
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes - 12+ are going strong
  • Pintos - 6-8 are doing well
  • Black Beans - all 6 are good
  • Zucchini - 1 is doing well, another just sprouted
  • Jalapenos - 6 out of 8 are about 1" tall
  • Red Bell Pepper - 6 out of 6 have been 1" for a long time so not sure if I should count these as a success yet.
Now for what is NOT working:
  • Tomatillos - nothing
  • Anaheim - 1 out of 6
  • Ruby Red Onions - 2 out of 8
  • Lettuce - nothing
  • Carrots - nothing
  • Basil - looks like red bell pepper, I'm confused on this
  • Poblano's - nothing
  • Chili Cubanelle's - nothing
  • Butternut Squash - nothing
I went to our local nursery on 5/1 and bought one butternut squash, two tomatillos, 2 roma's and 4 jalapeno's.  I really didn't need the jalapeno's but it was before mine had gotten to 1" so I thought those were not performing like the other peppers.

In summary, I'm very sad about the peppers.  I've put a heater in the room with the plants and plastic over the door entrance so the room is up to 75-80 all day.  It should be warm enough.  The next step is to get a heat warmer for plants but I still think I'll hold off on that for now.  It's time to get the successful plants into the ground and move forward!  

Check out my babies.  I've been putting them out for two weeks now, skipping the rain/freezing days and they are finally ready to be planted.  Some went into the ground yesterday.   Some went into the ground last weekend and had to be repotted when we got a two day freeze - in May!  Craziness.  

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