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Monday, July 08, 2019

Trip to Texas 2019 - first stop West Virginia

* this post is back dated for those getting email blast

This is our first trip with the travel trailer and we were a bit nervous about so many details.  We knew it would take longer to get places from pulling the extra weight, more gas stops, considerably slower in the mountains so hard to predict our stopping point.  We didn't know how long it would take to set up the travel trailer each night, how long to pack up the next day, so we planned to take an entire leisurely week to get to Texas.

Our first major stop was middle of West Virginia, about a five hour drive, to drop our dog Bitzer at a dog kennel for the duration of our trip.  He's stayed with this family before and they are friends of ours. 

Our stop for the night was Wytheville, KOA.  It was a really nice spot and I'd like to return when we have more time to enjoy.  I like KOA's because there's an app where you can schedule a site and it was all very easy to navigate and get same day service.

We had electric, water and internet but we couldn't figure out how to get hot water flowing so I took my morning shower at the KOA bathrooms.

Panning the water for gold.

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