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Friday, May 24, 2019

Strawberry Picking

I have fond memories of picking strawberries with my mom and brothers when I was a kid, so when my cousin invited us to go with her, we jumped at the chance.  I pulled out the kids giant Easter buckets and a few ice cream containers.  The patch was surprisingly full, sometimes they only have very small hard to find berries.  I tried to educate 4 kids on what to pick but they were dazzled by the biggest berries regardless of bad spots so we ended up with some not so great berries but overall they did pretty good. 

I was astonished at the amount we all picked in 30 minutes - 22lbs!  At $3.00 per pound it was $67.89!  Egads.  Next year we're taking smaller containers!!

We cut up enough to take to a church evening picnic and froze the rest because we were going away for Memorial Day weekend.  I kinda wish I would have had time for one fresh strawberry pie!

Cousin with my youngest

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