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Friday, April 05, 2019

Frugal Living ~ Kid Consignments

I've been selling my kids clothing, baby equipment and used toys at local consignment pop up shops for the past two and a half years at three different sales. 

Kids Closet Hagerstown
Kid Cycle Myersville
It's Nearly New Williamsport

My favorite, It's Nearly New, ended in 2018.  I was very sad about this because I liked the owner very much and enjoyed working with her since I first started consigning in 2016.

My 2nd favorite just finished their 3rd event and I've enjoyed watching them grow.  It's a family affair, the dads set up, grandma helps out with the kids, and two moms share the event.  They are really nice and fun to work with, there are volunteers who help put my stuff out on the floor, and when I come to pick up, everything is consolidated.  This will be my go-to event going forward.

Kids Closet is okay for picking up things I can't find at a smaller sale, but the prices can be higher and quality is not always worth the price.  I've tried consigning with them several times and it's always been a hassle to find my items, no one helps and I don't see enough to make it worth the effort. 

I once read a successful bloggers take that consigning isn't worth her time.  I get it, time is a finite resource and it's not renewable, but I like the community aspect of bringing my kids stuff to an event, talking with other mom's and finding good deals on items.  We've gotten cheap skates for $3.00 that my kids can practice in, a small harp with music sheets, pajamas for $3.00, etc.  I could still get these deals by not consigning, but I enjoy getting some money back for our gently used items.  So even though I'm not making much per hour, sometimes $3.00 per hour, I don't care, I'll keep doing it until I run out of items to sell. 

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