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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Frugal Living ~ Pet Care

Is there no end to the things in our lives that we can reduce our cost on?  I don't think so.  This year we are tackling vet care.  We've used Petsmart for almost 18 years, this is partly due to the fact that my husband worked there for 10 years so I guess you might say we're brand loyal.  The last few years our pets have aged or we've gotten new ones, we've had to go more frequently and I've really started to chaff at their prices.

Three years ago we got a new dog named Penny and to get her spayed cost just over $1,000.00!  I was really confused by that and super frustrated.  Sadly she passed away from a fast moving cancer so we got another dog in the fall of 2017.  Scared from that experience I held off on neutering until he was over a year old and it became extremely necessary due to his behavior when walking.

First I started with a local clinic that never returned my calls.  Then I started calling vets in the area to get a range.  I was shocked at the wide range.  One vet quoted in the $300 range, and the other was $100 + shots of $20 each and he needed two shots.  Both significantly lower than Petsmart.

Today we needed to get our 18 year old cat to the vet as she stumbled while walking and her hip seems to be in bad shape on one side.  I called our new vet and they had an opening today at 4:30, they basically told us the same thing the Petsmart vet told us a year ago but also gave us a supplement to help her discomfort and shaved a matted spot that might be causing trouble, total bill $66.  The bill from Petsmart last year $196.74.

I'm so in love with our new vet!

I think vet care is something that I was reluctant to switch because our cats history is with Petsmart and we really like them, I guess I just assumed pet care was probably similar cost everywhere.  Boy was I wrong on that regard!

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