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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

February - back to back snow days!

We've had crazy weather lately, the last week of January was 0 digits with school closed on the 31st due to the extreme weather, then it shot up to the 50's the first week of February, and now this week school was closed Monday - Tuesday for snow days!  Tomorrow's productivity will be wreaked by Valentines day parties, our school is off Friday's for home school day and next Monday they are off for Presidents Day.  I feel bad for the teachers who are trying to make progress.  It has to be daunting.  I personally would be fine with a full day of home school work on Friday to help make up the lost time, it seems they usually get done in a few hours.

Below photos are right after the freeze, we had some ice on the pond at the City Park and the birds were treating it as their own personal island.  

My poor dog begged for a walk but seemed rather sad about the ongoing snow, or he just really hates his coat.  

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