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Friday, October 26, 2018

We sold our fixer upper house

It was hard to part with this house after putting so much time and effort into planning renovations, but the fact is we don't have the money or time to continue putting into this house. 

Our plan at the beginning of the summer was to get another loan that might allow us to continue working on the home but in the end, it was easier and faster to get a loan for a better condition home then to continue working on this one.  Once we had made the decision to buy another home, it just didn't make sense to continue putting money into the fixer upper.

I'm very disappointed in Maryland Washington County contractors for their complete lack of professionalism in not calling us back regularly, this is something you don't hear about in TV fixer upper shows.  The cost was always considerably more then what we'd budgeted for and not knowing the business of construction made it very hard to project manage our renovation. 

I don't like to give up but I think it's important to know when to walk away and this was one of those times to let it go. 

We sold the house for 50K, 10K more then what we bought for at the end of 2015, but 10K less then what we had put into it.  It's okay, we'd have lost more in taxes and insurance if we'd continued to hold until spring to hope we might get a little more.  We can now use this money to pay off debt and invest the balance which makes me a very happy person.

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