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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Lamma Island, Hong Kong

After spending over 10 days in China I was so relieved to arrive in Hong Kong with a day off.  I had determined that I would go out and do something that required walking because after the prior weekend, I went back to work of sitting on my butt for 10+ hours.

Lamma Island is a place where friend blogger Grit lived for 1-2 years awhile back and she had me come visit her there twice.  It takes two ferries to get there + a taxi ride and when there I walked 3 miles to get to the beach so lucky for me it was a cloudy day in the high 70's.

Here are some photos from my adventure:

Only tiny work vehicles are permitted, like this.

Very lush and tropical.

This is the pretty view, the other side faces the electrical plant.

Mango smoothie at beach hotel/restaurant!

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