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Monday, December 18, 2017

Something to be thankful for

On Sunday, the kids and I with their grandparents stopped at a ranch that was having a Christmas event.  The kids got to hear a story, see Santa and reindeer.  It was a really nice day in the 60's so we were enjoying the weather.  The kids were clamoring for face paint and as I doled out money to each child I heard their grandfather say, "where's Evie?".

It's so disorienting to lose a child when you are all standing in a small group and apart from us is basically a giant gravel field leading to the next events.  Grandfather went one direction and I headed to the entrance to let the police know and the word was immediately spread over the walkie talkies.  I asked if they'd seen her wander out the entrance which was really only about 5 feet from where we had been standing but the main guy assured me there was no way she could have walked out without him seeing her.  It seemed the only logical solution to be because I couldn't imagine her running over the open gravel field but I turned and went back into the event space.  Within 5 minutes I heard her screaming her head off as a lady hung onto her failing body for dear life.  I ran over and got her from the lady.  Apparently she had walked out with a big group while we were standing at the face painter station so that's why the main guy hadn't seen her.  She got disconnected from the group in the parking lot and one of the workers started following her to see which way she'd go and when she saw the lady following her she took off running then melted down when she got picked up.

I've heard of little kids doing this at amusement parks and all but it's the first time it's ever happened to us.  I'm glad to know I've got a little fighter but I don't think I could take that happening ever again! 

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