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Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Paintings 2017

One of the most challenging parts of this trip was getting all our presents to Texas safely.  I had split them with my husband as he was coming a week later.  One of those was a painting that was half finished that I'd planned to give to my in-laws.  This item didn't make it so 3 days before Christmas I asked Mema to take us to Michaels to get some art supplies and then proceeded to paint with the kids in the garage all the way up until Christmas eve!  It happens in spurts, one hour to do the background, let that dry, then 30 minutes to do the final shadow details, but two paintings in 3 days, that was a first for me!

My in-laws go to Montana every year, it's where my father-in-law grew up so I decided to make the first painting based on a photo they sent me this past summer.

The following is a painting of Texas for their Montana home.  I couldn't find reference of the local West Texas yucca in paintings so I made my own.  The blends were tricky around the blue/yellow/orange transition but I'm happy with the yucca.

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