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Saturday, November 18, 2017


I walked into the Washington County Art Museum, dropped my umbrella into the holder by the front door, then headed straight to the coat closet to hang my coat.  The guard at the front desk smiled at me.  He knows me from our weekly visits to the kids art class.  I then went to the bathroom and finally to the kids art exhibit.

A homeless person would not do these things, especially one with a giant cart. 

I woke up that morning to the freezing cold rain with one thought - how was Lisa going to get through the day?  As I pulled my kids together for art class, I hoped to maybe get her a tarp or something.  The morning flew by and my husband suddenly decided to come with us.  Together we got the kids to class and he waited with the youngest set while I walked down to the pavilion where I had seen her the week before.  She was there and I asked her if I could get her anything.  She said she had some plastic bags to cover her stuff with.  I told her I'd go get her a tarp.

My husband needed to get some measurements from our house in town, so I dropped him off, then rushed over to Home Depot to get the tarp and some zip ties, I then rushed back to pick him up and back to the park where I had just enough time to drop them off to her and then back to the museum for the kids class ceremony. 

She was very grateful.  I asked if she'd had any further luck with getting a room at Reach.  A police officer got her in for one night but that was it.  I told her I'd keep looking into things for her. 

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