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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Homeless in Hagerstown

The art class is over for this season, but we are in the habit of going to the City Park every Saturday so I got the kids ready and went at the same time.  I looked for Lisa but did not find her in the usual spot.  I had a bag of food ready to give her and decided to keep it in the car just in case I found her later.

We left the park around 11 and I drove through town, the kids played Pokemon Go while I kept an eye out for Lisa.  I finally found her under a bridge near Roy Rodgers, oddly enough right next to the police station.  I gave her a bag of food and we reviewed her options again, they were still the same. 

At one point, I offered her the use of our shed in town to put her stuff but she thought it might be too far to walk. 

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