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Friday, September 09, 2016

Frugal Living ~ September 2016

We just found out our house repairs are going to cost more than we budgeted for so it's time to go into extreme overdrive with savings and cut back spending.

Day 1 Actions:
1.  Sign up for Pinecone Research - get paid to do 15 minute surveys
2.  Close Netflix streaming account - savings $8.47 per month
3.  Husband turned up the AC and turned off my office light (not sure what to think about that last one - it kinda makes me feel sleepy).
4.  Return stuff we don't need or spent too much on

  • Husband bought all spices listed on the grocery list at Food Lion this week - total cost $17.86
  • Bought same spices at local farm market for $9.21, it's an extra stop but worth it to buy in bulk and get more quantity for less $$
  • Husband bought 4 butternut squash at Aldi for $1.99 each, then at Food Lion bought them for $1.29 lb (thinking it was also per piece), it ended up being $9.96 for 2 so I returned them
  • Big Lots - planning to return a trash can with lid.  I haven't had a trash can with a lid in a long time so I thought it would look nice.  I think I'd rather have the $22.00 in our account so I'm returning it.
  • Total returned:  $49.82
I've been working on consignment items for an upcoming fall/winter sale where they let you set your own price and the only requirement is that all items must be in really excellent condition.  It's time consuming but I need to get rid of our baby stuff anyway so might as well make something back.  So far I'm up to $804.00.  The host gets 30% so that leaves $562.80 - $10 entrance fee so if all sells I'll make $552.80.  

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