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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Failure to Thrive - Part 4

At our September 30th doctor's visit, Evie was 9 months old and weighed in at 13.6lbs which means she's put on 2lbs since 6 months old.  Still tiny but she's putting on enough weight that the doctor's are no longer in a panic.  Now their issue is that she must learn to eat with a spoon and come back in 6 weeks to talk about how that is going.  I'm a little bewildered over this because our Florida pediatrician never pushed eating with a spoon this early.  They want to send us to a specialist if we can't get her to eat with a spoon in 6 weeks. 

Unfortunately for us, our baby is now extremely addicted to cookies!  Remember when we were told to do anything to get her to gain weight and take in calories?  We gave her the highest calorie shortbread cookies we could find.  Now she only wants cookies. 

She's still a baby who wants to be in full control meaning if you present her with a spoon, she will grab it and the food will go flying.  So we're trying a variety of finger foods and some of them have surprised us:

* Sprouts - she enjoyed these during a visit to Noodles & Co
* Bananas - she occasionally will eat 1-2 small pieces
* Steamed Carrots - she ate a few pieces with the sprouts

Well that's about it!  Our next visit is on 11/11 so we'll keep trying until then. 

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